ROX || Return on Experience

ROX || Return on Experience

Traditional curriculum emphasizes on ROI – Return on Investment. Simply: are we making profits? Or is it worth the return we get on a particular investment? The concept has been shifted to new theory of Return on Experience | ROX.

There is the Seismic shift of customers value and decision after the pandemic, we need to make an effort how customers put more weight on price and value. Merchants need to use this opportunity to

re-evaluate their relationship between themselves with the customers. Modern merchants need to consider on new pricing strategic and royalty programs in digital ecosystem to drive and impact on customers and maintain existing customers. There are billions of opportunities for word of mouth — through social reviews and sentiment — to make an impact.

Consumers have more power over company’s success or failure than ever before, and it’s time for a new metric that captures the return on your investment in them.

Trudeau said at last year’s World Economic Forum: “The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow.” To keep up with accelerating changes in consumer habits and to acknowledge customer importance, companies need to focus on — and measure — people’s experiences with their products and brands.

Organizations need to map consumers’ purchase journey, isolate the touch points and factors that drive experience, and then invest more in the parts of the company that will move the needle on those interactions and yield measurable results — or return on experience

Return on Experience | ROX also needs to address whether the company is driving the behaviors in the organization that are key to designing and delivering better online and physical experiences. ROX leads to brand trusted and create more engagement and long run ecosystem for merchants and company.

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Data Digitization (part 3)

Personalization & Pyschomatrics

Personal marketing and Measurement of mental desire by numerology.

Talking about marketing today one need to understand “Personalization marketing.” The most O2O platform marketing tool that can be an answer.

Marketing strategy What is Personalization Personalization “is a strategy that marketers use to offer products and services to specific groups of consumers or can be called personal marketing because there will be analysis of data in behavior, interests and decisions of customers.

The set of behavioral data are deployed to
do market communication, promotion also in choosing channel of customers communication for the best results.
The advantages of marketing like this make customers feel good about the brand because every time branding communicates directly to them. As though we were a trusted person and the right communication knowing customer behavior and linking will help build consistency between the brand and the customer can increase sales volume.
If combined with the use of techniques to measure perception behavior and ability so called psychometrics which active generation of subjective experiences through a network of neurons. This is a discipline that attributes values ​​(numbers) to conditions and psychological phenomena. Therefore, with this method it is possible to compare the mental characteristics of a person, values and working with data for the purpose to make the marketing goals more clear and effectively.
Managing and creating strategic, tested marketing goals running with psychometric will be able to know what are person do not like, being social or like to socialize, give up or be overwhelmed, use emotions or reasons to make decisions, not stable or have determination and self-reliance or self-reliant or not? However, these results require advanced techniques to simulate which costly and expensive, because of the process takes a long time and requires a lot of informations , which will be common in future.

Currently, O2O Platform online, provide features that allow us to remember and record customer informations and record buying history
in order to be better adapted for your business.

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Data Digitization (part2)

Data Digitization (2)

Understanding of customer details & caring Customer-centric culture

The retail shops with the most competitive potential are those merchants that pay attention to and focus on customer needs first. The customer-centric culture are found can be utilized into Data Monetization or converting data to money will be easier, because your entire organization, from buyers, category management, data analysis teams to merchandizers would understand exactly that there must focus on understanding customers, not just sales and profits, and all parties must take responsibility together. SME retails as well, emphasize and focusing on reaching customers’ liking this is a concept of
Customer centrics which help merchants to see all Category Insights, not just products, also will help to understand clearly and support the products in each category to grow more efficiently, including being able to organize the Brand Portfolio according to the objectives set in accordance with the data insights into:
• Trade Planning focuses on promoting products that generate more sales of each categories instead of focusing on price cuts or using budgets for combined promotional activities
• Range Planning meets the need of customers instead of focusing on more space for SKUs that are profitable for just a particular product.
If there is a complete management process for Category management be deploy together efficiently, Data Monetization will be used more easily.

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Data Digitization (part1)

Modern Business  must  deploy  O2O

 Why is data important? What is Data Digitization?


Customer Foot Print and customer database that has more detail and more details can be used in creating more opportunities for merchants.    Nowadays, retailers can access various information  more  than ever, and using Big Data wisely will help create an ample  competitive advantage in the most challenging market conditions.


Data Monetization, and understanding the fundamentals of  good data monetization are an important matter  to consider, can really  help the marketing strategy succeed in a completely different way.  In making important decisions such as product selection and planning, promotion planning, and communication both in-store offline and online media.  These data are used as a source for consideration.


The most effective strategy for Data Monetization is based on a large number of principles. By following these guidelines, you can confidently move forward.


  1. Information


The best strategy must come from Insights, which collects details from the customers Behavior, not just from sales or volume data. It includes everything from  how  often do customers go shopping?  How much to spend each time? Or what kind of premium products do customers choose?

The more you know about the Customer Behavior both in-store and online, the  more answers you have in order to get  connections and engagements.

We can use and do create with Customer-Centric. You can’t create a Data Monetisation strategy that will change your business based solely on sales transaction data.


Therefore, the first thing is to manage to have correct details information.  Which is the collection of all data collected through the CRM program, such as Loyalty card  program information that covers at least 50% of the customer database that

get the most out of the information.  Is to combine all the collected data (merge) into one database, data from multiple product groups and locations will be analyzed together and created as a single data-driven customer language. It can be used to analyze categories or brands.  Performance and KPIs can be used together to track results and measure success when used correctly. These Big Data data will help create a framework for workstream marketing leaders which should be adapted for future marketing.

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EP23 Thumb EN - Travel Benefits For Health (Part 2)

Travel Benefits For Health (Part 2)

EP23 Thumb EN - Travel Benefits For Health (Part 2)

6. With the reason those who travel regularly and have more more travel trends to live longer because they will feel exciting and new things waiting in line all the way, especially travel would strength their life and mood.

7. Simply speaking , when the body is exciting also enjoying the time to when going out would also strengthen their both physical and mental health better than People who are only at home Or repeatedly doing same things.

8. With more powerful energy and younger, the more you use them when going out to travel. One would get more than one think.

9. The ideal place to visit for destination are so good benefits are nature as the sea and the forest and green areas.

10. Based on psychology Of color, we will see are various symbols where would makes you feel fresh and safe from the blue color sea. Made us feel relaxed and at ease

11. In area of humid, on the banks, rivers, streams, or rivers, there are Negative ions in the air. It’s stimulate our body and create saponin hormone which we feel relaxed and happy.

12. The sound of waves crashing on the beach, the sound of wind and wild sounds is natural Creative and beyond expectations a soft sound with moderate to low make us so peaceful and relax Every time he heard those sound.

13. So it’s not strange That our body demanding happiness and we would escape from the city, Escape from the Concret Forest.
Consequently one would travel into the forest, mountains and the sea to balance the body.

Therefore, traveling to new destination and places really benefits for your health. Therefore travel is good and good for health.

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EP19 Thumb EN 1 - Travel Benefits For Health (Part1)

Travel Benefits For Health (Part1)

EP19 Thumb EN 1 - Travel Benefits For Health (Part1)

Traveling would help adjust balance in the body. To be close to nature, Travel!  Helps the body to be strong and strengthen healthier person. How is it? see below

University in England conducted survey and research in 2002 had reveal to those who did not go out often or not traveling anywhere, there is a chance of heart disease up to 30% more frequently than people travel and see new things

Travel benefits

  1. When knowing that one would go out, it stimulates the brain: our nerve system will start to be anticipated and plan ahead while planning and preparing the trip. Our body will produce Hormoneopamine every time these things happen Will make you experience better feeling and happiness when we have Success Stories.
  2. With this reason found that going out often and frequently would increase happiness and can help improve health system.
  3. Data research in 2013 and from the survey, it was found that the departure and leaving temporary out from routine places helps reduce stress very well.
  4. People who travel in different places or have seen so many news things environments those peoples going to new places are less likely to suffer from depression than people who like to keep themselves in same old places.
  5. For those who do not travel many years have chance more than 30% to have heart dresses. There is a risk of head disease so vary from those traveling very often, the rate of heart disease is much lower.

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EP19 Thumb EN - Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

EP19 Thumb EN - Cardio Exercise

Cardio, also known as Aerobic exercise, an exercise that focuses on stimulating the circulatory system, metabolism to strengthen the heart muscle, also makes the body firmer

Cardio exercises, such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, tennis, swinging arms, dancing, or any type of exercise which causes the heart to beat approximately 50-75% (or more) of the maximum heart rate.

Cardio has many benefits.  If we regularly do cardio exercises, we will receive the following benefits:

Fresh up and young face

Stimulate metabolism

Lose fat, lose weight

Tighten thighs, lower abdomen

Strong heart

Good circulatory system

Reduce stress


Improved mental health

Makes the brain work better

Better sleep

There are many advantages to cardio.  And most importantly, who is Overweight and fat persons. If you wish to be skinny, must have cardio exercise often.

You need cardio every day.

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EP15 thumb EN - What Food Causes Fatty Liver?

What Food Causes Fatty Liver?

EP15 thumb EN - What Food Causes Fatty Liver?

We are known: You are what you eat. Fatty liver is a dangerous disease caused by wrong eating habits.

What is fatty liver?  When fat in the liver is about 5-10 percent of the weight of the liver.  Fatty liver is a condition where fat, especially Triglyceride, is deposited   in the liver cells more than 10 percent of liver weight that is considered very dangerous. Types of fatty liver are as follows:

  1. Fatty liver from drinking, drinking alcohol for a long time, cells of the liver will be harmed. In the initial phase, fat will be deposited in the liver. During this period, if the person stops drinking alcohol, the liver can return to normal after quitting drinking for 6 weeks.  The liver becomes cirrhosis, which this condition cannot return to normal.  In addition, people who drink a lot of alcohol can cause sudden fatty liver.
  2. Fatty liver of those who do not drink alcohol, this type of fatty liver is called Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which has triglyceride in the liver cells. Even the person drinking alcohol Fat cells will not cause damage in the initial stages but is very bad for health.
  1. Fatty liver and inflammation of the liver, but some patients with fatty liver causes liver cells to swell and inflammation of the liver There is a syndrome known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), eventually turning into cirrhosis. Cirrhosis found that 5-8 percent of patients with fatty liver will become hepatitis and cirrhosis. The symptoms of fatty liver disease include
    • loss of appetite
    • squeamish
    • vomit
    • yellow skin

Fatty liver is a very common thing for Thai people.  Not because of drinking a lot of alcohol. That only one of story

Because the fat deposit in the liver not just from alcohol, main factor comes from fructose and industrial sugar called high fructose corn syrup, which is present in more than 70% of the food that people eat every day, which is even heavier than drinking alcohol.

Because the fact that People who do not drink alcohol at all.  Have fatty liver. This symptom is called nonalcohol fatty liver explained in item 2, those are fatty liver Without alcohol involved,

The fatty liver is a sign of coronary artery disease and the words that exercise a lot will diminish the cause of fatty, not very true.

How many people are exercising a lot?  Exercise for ten years, the fat is still covered in the liver. The only way is to stop eating. Stop eating foods that contain high fructose and high fructose corn syrup.  Quit drinking box juice Stop by 6-8 months. During the 6-8 months, the body can get rid of the fat deposit in the liver. Any medication or supplement cannot help.

Sweets and beverages such as bread, cakes, bakery, soft drinks, milk tea, pearl tea, delicious sweet beverages, sweet water, desserts, cookies, crackers, donuts, snacks, including eating sweet fruits.  These are the root cause of fatty liver.

Stop eating sweets If you don’t want to have fatty liver, danger disease.

Cr: Dietitian

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EP8 thumb EN 1 - Food is Medicine 3

Food is Medicine 3

EP8 thumb EN 1 - Food is Medicine 3

// Breast cancer
Eat broccoli or kale, 5 gram a day.

// Respiratory lung cancer
Having passion fruit, guava, orange, lemon, Makhampom, papaya, mango as much as vitamin C helps to heal blood vessels in the lungs well.

// Irritable bowel diarrhea
Eat 1-2 green apples per day or Green apple juice blended whole, will detoxify the intestines.

// Heart attack, coronary artery disease
Eat sea fish, olive oil, avocado, as it has good fats, which will help to remove the old oil slag. If you like tea, find fresh green tea to drink daily.

// High pressure
Must refrain from smoking and saltiness. Try to find whole-grain oatmeal or celery, fresh or smoothed vegetables to help control the pressure.

Avoid flour and sugar.  And eat more green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, and spinach. If you want to be sweet, eat grapefruit and guava because they have very little sugar.

//Rash eyes, dry eyes
Eat foods that help nourish the eyes, such as fruits and vegetables that are yellow and orange such as carrots, pumpkins, green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, etc.
Drink enough water as frequent drinking will help add moisture to the eyes

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EP8 thumb EN - Food is Medicine 2

Food is Medicine 2

EP8 thumb EN - Food is Medicine 2


Increase an immunity system by eating 4 guava a day. Eat 1 handful of seeds of golden pumpkin   a day (zinc).


//Allergic to dust, dust mites

Eating natural flavored yogurt and unsweet   yogurt milk.


// Chronic asthma, cough

Eat spicy tom yam chicken soup, onion, red onion, spring onion and put fresh onions tucked under the pillow.


// Rheumatoid

Eat steamed fish, 2 gram a day, such as mackerel, pangasius, salmon or canned fish.


// cystitis

Drink unsweetened okra juice, 3 meals a day



// Flatulence

A lot of gas in the stomach, eat raw bananas, grind bananas or ginger oftentimes



Drink honey mix with lemon 3 tablespoons a day and eat boiled lots of tamarind meat in the morning / evening.


// Gastritis

Eat a lot of bananas, grilled bananas, banana or cabbage.


//Dizzy dizzy

To find food made from ginger, such as ginger fish, stir-fried chicken with ginger, ginger juice, ginger tea


// Menopausal moody

Eat a lot of tuna and 1 yellow bean curd per day or 1 handful of peanuts a day.


//Easily  irritated mood

Eat well Is sticky rice, corn, wild yam, banana and tuna.


// Osteoporosis

To eat black sesame seeds 4 tablespoons per day (get a lot of calcium)

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