Cardio, also known as Aerobic exercise, an exercise that focuses on stimulating the circulatory system, metabolism to strengthen the heart muscle, also makes the body firmer

Cardio exercises, such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, tennis, swinging arms, dancing, or any type of exercise which causes the heart to beat approximately 50-75% (or more) of the maximum heart rate.

Cardio has many benefits.  If we regularly do cardio exercises, we will receive the following benefits:

Fresh up and young face

Stimulate metabolism

Lose fat, lose weight

Tighten thighs, lower abdomen

Strong heart

Good circulatory system

Reduce stress


Improved mental health

Makes the brain work better

Better sleep

There are many advantages to cardio.  And most importantly, who is Overweight and fat persons. If you wish to be skinny, must have cardio exercise often.

You need cardio every day.