Chiva Chivee


  • Welcome Drink (herbal drink or tea, fruits or healthy snacks)
  • Basic physical check-up by therapist (Posture, balance and flexibility
  • Stretching exercise with physical therapist, followed by electrical stimulation, ultrasound diathermy and electric stimulation or other physical therapy treatment as appropriate
  • Medical and Relaxing Massage
  • Fusion vegetarian / healthy lunch (light meal)


  • Welcome Drink ( light refreshment, juice,
    tea or herbal drink)
  • Stretching exercise and electric stimulation
  • Therapeutic and/or relaxing Massage
  • Home program and lifestyle recommendations
  • Fusion vegetarian / healthy lunch (light meal)
massage - Chiva Chivee
Electro - Chiva Chivee
treatment - Chiva Chivee