Personalization & Psychometrics

Personal marketing and Measurement of mental desire by numerology.

Talking about marketing today one need to understand “Personalization marketing.” The most O2O platform marketing tool that can be an answer.

Marketing strategy What is Personalization Personalization “is a strategy that marketers use to offer products and services to specific groups of consumers or can be called personal marketing because there will be analysis of data in behavior, interests and decisions of customers.

The set of behavioral data are deployed to
do market communication, promotion also in choosing channel of customers communication for the best results.
The advantages of marketing like this make customers feel good about the brand because every time branding communicates directly to them. As though we were a trusted person and the right communication knowing customer behavior and linking will help build consistency between the brand and the customer can increase sales volume.
If combined with the use of techniques to measure perception behavior and ability so called psychometrics which active generation of subjective experiences through a network of neurons. This is a discipline that attributes values ​​(numbers) to conditions and psychological phenomena. Therefore, with this method it is possible to compare the mental characteristics of a person, values and working with data for the purpose to make the marketing goals more clear and effectively.
Managing and creating strategic, tested marketing goals running with psychometric will be able to know what are person do not like, being social or like to socialize, give up or be overwhelmed, use emotions or reasons to make decisions, not stable or have determination and self-reliance or self-reliant or not? However, these results require advanced techniques to simulate which costly and expensive, because of the process takes a long time and requires a lot of information , which will be common in future.

Currently, O2O Platform online, provide features that allow us to remember and record customer information and record buying history
in order to be better adapted for your business.