Hello ????

New Members of SmartLife SmartHealth.

Many of you feel more comfortable now.

The situation has improved a lot, because of the strong understanding and cooperation of Thai people. Thailand is famous all over the world for taking care of themselves and helping the society in times of the Covid19 pandemic. ????????

But deep in our hearts, we want to travel and discover something new.

(Including the SLSH team as well) ????????????

While staying home to stop the spread of infections, SLSH has gathered a team of doctors and researchers to join the team of consultants for the project. ????????

SLSH has many good ideas for taking care of oneself and consulted the doctors to suggest whether we can travel as a NEW NORMAL ????

“How to travel… The doctor does not say but supports “????????????

The team of doctors gave very good recommendations. ????

Including preparation for physical and mental health care before, during and after traveling. ????

Even with the lockdown measurements, when and where can we relax?

When everything is available again, we will be able to travel together happily and without worry. ????

“How to travel… The doctor doesn’t say ” ????????

???? There are 3 things that need to be prepared to adjust.

1 * Before traveling

2 * While traveling

3 * Upon returning home

???? Start with a simple question.

“What kind of travel … The doctor doesn’t say ” ????

The doctor answered: “If you want to travel you need strong physical and mental health.”

Don’t forget following 5 principles.

  1. Good mood
  2. The weather is good.
  3. Healthy and nutritious food.
  4. Exercise according to your age
  5. Travel

In which the doctor suggests that


“Travel individually or in a small group”

Now, some people may have heard that the term Social Bubble as a relief from Social Distancing, but the number of people should still be low. People who want to travel together should be in the same family or relatives, close friends that are confident that they do not risk others.


Use a private car or van that is well cleaned, including a responsible driver.


During this period, you should start going on daytrips where you return in the evening.

Staying overnight or traveling by plane should be planned at a later stage.


Choose a safe and clear location without many people

Where will it be? Let’s talk later.


Time to travel back safely and hassle-free should be at least 1 hour before the curfew starts.