Increase an immunity system by eating 4 guava a day. Eat 1 handful of seeds of golden pumpkin   a day (zinc).

//Allergic to dust, dust mites

Eating natural flavored yogurt and unsweet   yogurt milk.

// Chronic asthma, cough

Eat spicy tom yam chicken soup, onion, red onion, spring onion and put fresh onions tucked under the pillow.

// Rheumatoid

Eat steamed fish, 2 gram a day, such as mackerel, pangasius, salmon or canned fish.

// cystitis

Drink unsweetened okra juice, 3 meals a day

// Flatulence

A lot of gas in the stomach, eat raw bananas, grind bananas or ginger oftentimes


Drink honey mix with lemon 3 tablespoons a day and eat boiled lots of tamarind meat in the morning / evening.

// Gastritis

Eat a lot of bananas, grilled bananas, banana or cabbage.

//Dizzy dizzy

To find food made from ginger, such as ginger fish, stir-fried chicken with ginger, ginger juice, ginger tea

// Menopausal moody

Eat a lot of tuna and 1 yellow bean curd per day or 1 handful of peanuts a day.

//Easily  irritated mood

Eat well Is sticky rice, corn, wild yam, banana and tuna.

// Osteoporosis

To eat black sesame seeds 4 tablespoons per day (get a lot of calcium)