Great Health is known and accepted that is a great fortune for all ages, all nations. Being healthy depends on significant consumption of type and quality and quantity of foods we intake for our body.

Food is medicine can  “cure” and prevent when we have illness when we sick, or have mild illness one can be treated by knowing the right and suitable nutrition and diet. From now, we strongly recommend to try and change your behavior in curing the disease with medication to food nutrition that can be directly beneficial and helps to treat and cure symptoms from those diseases. Everyone can manage illness by understanding nutrition. Because food is a source of energy for living organisms to perform various living activities such as growth, food is a raw material for the synthesis of various substances necessarily to sustain life and repair all of our organs and

Helps the body grow, Food will help and support of growing  strong of muscles, brain, bones, skin, hair, blood vessels and various organs of the body to grow stronger.

The selection of food in all 5 groups and the amount of vegetables and fruits that are sufficient will  make us reduce costs and spend less on taking  care of yourself and helps prevent health problems.

Understand and consume right nutrition can help save money-and Self-care reduces the  high expenses  of health-related care.

If you have any of the following symptoms or diseases please be inform to eat right food:

// High blood pressure

Taking  drugs may cause liver  break down. Adjust your intake by eating 10 cloves of fresh garlic per day, half onions per day.

// Headache

Kale or Pueblo Leng (magnesium) can definitely help. Eating 4 grams  a day and eating 2 mackerel per day (fish oil can reduce inflammation) or brew cocoa can help too.

// Common cold, cough and sneezing

Brushing  your tongue regularly.  Eat more garlic, red onion, lemongrass or  chili would help indeed

( to be continued)