If situation at ease, lock down can be lifted up, COVID19 Vaccine available at minimum cost that is the future that we would see tourism will rebound. It’s not about campaigning, it’s about connecting. It’s not about fashion.

– It’s about selling the dream, vision and that we all destination and entrepreneurs understand their target clients. It’s about empathy. It’s about trust and absolutely about health hygiene and safety.

– It’s about telling more about the destination (cultures, history, wellness, love and Authenticity.

– More local connection but communicate globally.

– Face mask, sanitation, health report, fit to fly will be part of our habit.

– We’re facing invisible crisis. We don’t know where it is, when it’s going to end. Travel is going to be functional and very professional related more than emotional.

– Content Creator / Influencers: Less about product-lead, more experience-led. It will take a while to build people’s trust. End-to-end package: What’s experience of going through airports, airplanes, how’s staying in a hotel during this time.

– Content Creators: Demonstrating sustainability (for real, not just paper straw)

showing real circumstances and real time communication is the key.

– Travel: it’s going to be more HEART than Holidays it’s visiting families & friends. It’s about HEALTH and WELL-BEING why they have to travel and so on.

– Holiday is going to be closer to your home location, or rest or exercise in hometown area to avoid long and cost traveling.

– SEA airlines: Deep pocket ones will survive.

Low cost airlines will have to actually be “low cost” in operations, not just the fare.

– Entrepreneurs in travel industry in the business of sustainability, sharing and love be real not profitability. Not making profits for a while, this is challenging for the whole industry, no one knows how long it would take. Let’s pray to God and cross your fingers.

Cr : CNN Insights: Travel & Tourism