Hat Yai City and Tourist Attractions

Hat Yai is a district of Songkhla Province. Located approximately 26 kilometers from Mueang Songkhla District and just 60 kilometers from Sadao Immigration Checkpoint, it is considered as a gateway to neighboring Malaysia, which can travel to Singapore. And is the center of business, trade, transportation, communication, transportation and tourism of provinces and regions The most prominent is Hat Yai is a buyer’s paradise. Because there is a Kim Yong market and Santisuk market that is the center of various commodities trading Both from inside and outside the country at a cheap price There are also plenty of food to eat. There are many delicious food, day and night. Hat Yai city is mingle with both Thai and foreign tourists. Traveling to shop for various kinds of products As well as come to spend the night at many entertainment venues in Hat Yai The current commercial district of Hat Yai is always active. There is more prosperity than Muang Songkhla district
In addition, Hat Yai also has many interesting attractions such as Hat Yai City Park. Which has a ropeway and other interesting things Or may go to visit Songkhla Up the mountain Tour the old town See mermaid statues at Samila Beach. Which is not far away

1. Hat Yai Municipal Park (สวนสาธารณะเทศบาลเมืองหาดใหญ่)

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Regarded as a popular holiday destination for tourists and tourists in general, with a park area of over 914 rai (very wide). Garden full of natural vegetation Both perennials and ornamental plants, as well as large areas for organizing various activities, this time is a good rhythm Which we paired with the colorful lantern festival under the 5th time First parked with a sunset view from the corner overlooking the entire city of Hat Yai before going down to the Lantern Festival as a list. Then I headed to the mountain

2. Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol (พระมหาธาตุเจดีย์ไตรภพ ไตรมงคล: วัดเจดีย์สแตนเลส)

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Stainless steel pagoda or Maha That Chedi Triphop Tri Mongkhon
Location: Khao Kho Hong, Moo 8, Ban Rai, Punnakan Road, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province
Phra Maha That Chedi Triphon Tri Mongkhon is often called Stainless stupa or stainless stupa temple Is a stainless steel pagoda the first of the world Inside the pagoda The pagoda wall is all round stainless steel lines. With a monk bowl surrounded by a stainless steel pagoda Curled in a circle until reaching the top of the pagoda

3. Kim Yong Market (ตลาดกิมหยง)

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Kim Yong Market is a large souvenir market and souvenir shop in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province and near the airport. The Kim Yong market is located on a two-story building. Lamai Songkhro Road Upstairs is a shop selling products. The ground floor is a dry market.

4. Greenway Market (ตลาดนัดหาดใหญ่ กรีนเวย์มาร์เก็ต)

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Hat Yai Market Green Way Market Is a large night market in a good location Next to Kanchanawanich Road Is a market that divides the zone into 3 zones, namely the Plaza Zone, the Food Zone, the Backyard Zone. Greenway is an open-end market in Hat Yai. That has been popular with the general public Who came to buy and buy food items as a resting place for the people of Hat Yai and foreign tourists There are many products sold in various stores, including clothing stores, shoe stores, toy models, toys etc.

5. Hat Yai Magic Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์มายากล หาดใหญ่)

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Magic Museum Is a collection of magic stories From past to present Both at home and abroad Including magic props that are hard to find, collectibles and strange things that must be amazed End with excitement with a big magic show. In Hat Yai’s first magic theater

Ton Nga Chang Waterfall (น้ำตกโตนงาช้าง)

Ton Nga Chang Waterfall Located in Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary Covers two provinces: Songkhla and Satun The forest conditions are still very rich. There are many kinds of wild animals that live a lot. It is considered as an important source of watersheds that have fallen into Songkhla Lake.
From the complexities of the complex Ton Nga Chang Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in the south. Which has a total of 7 floors. The beautiful and named floor is the 3rd floor with a separate waterfall line. Looks like ivory Which is the origin of the word “Stone”, the native language means Ton Nga Chang Waterfall Means ivory waterfall Within the Ton Nga Chang Waterfall, there are also hiking trails for nature study for visitors to explore the ecosystem as well.
Tier 4. Ton Black is at a height of 700 meters.
Tier 5. Ton Nam Nam release At an altitude of 1,050 meters
Tier 6. Ton Ruesi Khoi Bo At an altitude of 1,300 meters
Class 7. Tonmed Shun At an altitude of 1,550 meters
Each level of the waterfall is quite steep. Must be very careful And should follow the practice of visiting waterfalls Which the sanctuary is designated