Hormone of happiness can be created in anyone, anywhere, and anytime. To encourage humanity of all ages and gender to learn to create happiness, all must understand and learn. There are many studies indicating that happiness is related to the brain.  When a person is happy, the left brain, which is responsible for logical thinking, analysis and calculations, will do more work.  While when we have negative feelings or suffering, the right brain, which deals with emotions, creativity, imagination and art will work more. So, people whose left brain works more than the right brain tends to be in a good mood, always smiling, and having positive thoughts.

As you know, happiness is also related to hormones or biochemicals in the brain such as “Dopamine” which is a neurotransmitter.  The body releases dopamine when we feel successful. “Serotonin” is another neurotransmitter secreted when we feel relaxed or feel at peace. “Endorphin” or the hormone of happiness, is released while in a good mood. It helps reduce pain and our body often releases this hormone after exercising. The secretion of these 3 substances usually occurs at the same time while we are happy and in a good mood. Other biochemicals in the brain that are related to suffering or stress is known as “Cortisone”, a hormone that is secreted when there is stress or pressure.  It is often involved in anxiety resulting in decreased ability to think and remember and also weakening the immune system.  Therefore, the relationship of emotions and thoughts are related to the quality of our health.