Bio Scan

The healthcare professionals will screen the cell function of each organ. The results will indicate abnormalities, regressions and show tendencies for future development. This will enable the doctor to create a protection plan.

Bio Scan 400x200 - Merit Vitalization

Live Blood Test

This is a new fresh blood test from your finger tip, to detect blood cell health, heavy metal and mercury.

blut4 - Merit Vitalization

Doctor Consultation

Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation experts will analyze the results with you and make a plan for your your Long Term Well-Being.

MV3 400x200 - Merit Vitalization

Myer’s Cocktail

This bottle of parenteral fluid contains many minerals and vitamins that will directly flow into your venous blood. It will relieve your asthma, migrane, sinusitis, fatigue, muscle ache, allergy, rash and urticaria. It also boosts the immune system for your body’s own protection.

MV4 400x200 - Merit Vitalization

Colon Detoxification

This is a detoxification and cleaning process without chemical material. It is a close system with pure medical grade water at body temperature through a small soft tube.

Colon Detox 1 400x200 - Merit Vitalization