Miracle Food Medicine & Culinary


Taking Charge of you health and wellbeing, National Institute of Mental Health, stated clearly the power of Food is medicine, eat in harmony with your genetic programming, use foods rather than supplements to treat and prevent chronic illness. 

The program would provide authentic Thai Renown Dishes at very fine riverfront of Chao Phraya River. Bangkok Bistro is a professional kitchen for interactive cooking classes. This signature program are to provide warm and inviting environment for one to have good quality time in tasting Thai Authentic cuisine is well known for its spiciness, the secret is a balance of five flavors: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy. Some Thai dishes have a careful blend of all these tantalizing tastes. Others are served with something to help deal with the overpowering spiciness. As well as many herbs and spices used in Thai food, fish sauce is often used in a similar way salt is, as it mellows the taste. This means vegetarians will have to take this into account and be more careful when choosing food in Thailand.  There is a great variety of Thai food for one to try, both main dishes and desserts. One can also try local foods, Being tasting learn and celebrate the cooking art fun while cooking and understand more about the look and ingredients. Being taste the foods, you will also hare an opportunities the next day, the restaurant will train “Healthy Living Food” which are a prepared for one to learn to cook clean and healthy herbal foods.

Incl. 3 dishes that professional chefs teach with recipe and ingredients. After cooking you can take home or enjoy your own dishes.

Min. 2 Person