Predictive Genetic DNA Test


SmartLife DNA Unlock your genetic code Use it to guide your path towards optimal health
Knowing Your Health and Wellness Helps You Become the Best You:
– Boost Energy
– Enhance Vitality
– Increase Muscle and Bone Health
– Control Weight
– Optimize Exercise Routine
– Identify Vitamin Deficiencies
– Improve Mood
Your Genetic Profile will help you achieve your Health and Fitness Goals by discovering the most effective
nutritional and physical choices that are best for you.
Receive diets and exercises optimized based on your DNA. Find out which nutrients you have difficulty
absorbing or may be deficient in.
Processing the knowledge in your Genetic Information can empower you to make the most Informed decision
about your Health and Lifestyle.
Armed with an Xfinity Lab’s Health & Wellness Genetic Test report, you can feel confident in providing details
to your client about their specific DNA that will undoubtedly support and enhance any health advice you give.
This factual data is the cornerstone in shifting away from generalized advice. Clients are more likely to be
compliant if they understand and accept the validity and see results. We now have the ability to address genetic
factors that guide us towards a much more targeted program that is like no other.
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