Some are still frightened of COVID19 pandemic. We start to open up the new world, SmartLife SmartHealth couldn’t resist to shares as follow: You do You, I’ll do Me with all respect and discipline:

None of us has the same situations and circumstances (medically support, high risk, aging family members child / elder or a business about to go under with different financial and social status etc.)

Let’s all stay in our own lanes with kindness and respect and keep the judgment down as we begin to reopen to be back as new normal.

Just a thought… As everyone is trying to figure out how to ease back into normal, please remember:

???? Some people don’t agree with reopening… that’s okay. Be Kind and cautious.

???? Some people are still planning to stay home…that’s okay. Be Kind and respect.

???? Some are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave… that’ s okay and slow pace.

???? Some are hopeful with relief to go back to work knowing they may not lose their business or their homes…that’s okay. Be Kind and understand.

????????‍⚕️Some are thankful they can finally have a surgery they have put off…that’s okay. Be Kind and cautious.

???? Some will be able to attend new work after weeks without earning and job…that’s okay. Be Kind and cheers.

???? Some will not wear masks …that’s okay. Be Kind but self-discipline.

???????? Some people will rush out to get their hair or nails done…that’s okay. Be kind and beautiful.

❤️ The point is, we each have a different story and situation, everyone has different viewpoints/feelings and that’s okay. Be Kind and manageable.

If you need to go out or travel, visit their loved one just respect others when in public and Be Kind and wearing mask, sanitizer and wash your hands with careful mind.

Let go out of judging fellow humans because you’re not in same story and situations. We all are in different mental states, we all are in different games of life, let’s help each other’s to stay strong and get back to normal with love and caring.

So remember, Just Be Kind, Be Love and Sharing on others????????

Take care and stay safe.. Love