Revitalizing Treatment

Bio Scan

Using Bio Feedback with a very low intense electric current passed into the body; no harm or pain; to measure the resistance of water between cells in each organ. Cell or organisms that have bio-chemistry or malfunction too much or too little, electrical signal will be different. It takes only 3 minutes to scan throughout the body. Then the result will be quickly processed by the computer about the malfunction of those organs.

Electro Interstitial Scan Technology (EIS) is a screening test for entire functional description of the cells in each organ. At first stage, test results will help us know if there are parts of your body that are in an abnormal state while checking. It tells the degree of degeneration of the body, likely to occur in the future while there are no symptoms that are noticeable now. This technology is well checking process for planning and disease prevention. It can analyze and measure the degradation of cell or pathological indications of all 37 internal organs.

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Doctor Consultation

At the end of the bio body scan, the final step for See Through Check Up is the doctor counseling. We emphasize to allocate enough time to discuss with you, to determine the cause of the malfunction occurred, including a thorough examination of all stages of experts’ medical team as your personal doctor to take care of your body and soul.

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Live Blood Test

Live Blood Analysis  is to bring blood while still fresh and alive to analysis from the tip of the finger. Then, examine blood through the Dark Field microscope at high magnification and project the image on a computer screen; to check the nature and integrity of red blood cells and residual compounds in blood such as heavy metal residues. Blood is the stream delivers food and water to each cell of the body in order to survive. Therefore, it can detect abnormalities in the blood prior to the illness of the body before it manifests outside.

The advantage of this method from the typical method is the patient sees their own live blood together with the expert staff. The analysis takes about 5 minutes which is faster than the analysis of blood from the hospital. The results will be useful for primary health care, for better quality of life and for preventing or reducing the risk of various diseases.

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Myer’s Cocktail

Myers’ Cocktail is a mixed vitamins infusion used to treat wide ranges of diseases and symptoms. It can quickly boost our immunity, so it is used to treat in many cases that include asthma, migraine, tired and stiffness, sinusitis, allergy and urticaria rash. It is also used as refreshment after your long days of working or partying. The treatment is finished within 1 hour, and can be done 3-4 times per week.

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Colon Detoxification

Colon hydrotherapy is colon irrigation by pure warm water to remove toxin and mucous that accumulate and cover on the large intestinal wall. These toxin and mucous are main causes of numerous diseases including autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin disease, or even depression. The colon hydrotherapy at Villa Medica is done under sealed system and has the water pressure controlling to ensure safety, cleanness, and effectiveness throughout the session.
Diseases caused by abnormal bowel function such as colon cancer, constipation / diarrhea, acne, dry skin, mouth odor, chronic allergy.

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IV Laser Therapy

IV laser therapy is a therapy which increasing cell energy via bloodstream laser. The mechanism is to stimulate the Mitochondria, an organelle which generate ATP or energy of every cell in the body. When ATP is more created, Cells that receive the laser light will have more energy, both in terms of regeneration, repair, and durability. The result makes the body stronger, healthier and can be used to treat certain diseases such as some cardiovascular diseases, some neurological disease, brain infraction or degeneration, kidney failure due to circulation insufficiency, diabetic wound, chronic ischemic wound, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and mood or sleep disorder.

Each color of laser light has different properties

Red : help provide energy to blood cells. Stimulate blood flow, increase energy. Reduce fatigue and burnout.
Green : adds oxygen to the blood. Increased durability, reduces pain and reduce inflammation
Blue : help dilatation of blood vessels. Reduce inflammation and infection in the body. Can use in stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes.
Yellow : balancing hormones. Lower blood pressure, Stabilize mood. Reduce symptoms of depression or insomnia

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