After the pandemic, many parts of our life will completely shift into the digital world. Due to the survival of all sectors in the past, digital activities are often led by specific groups and those who can access to technology. When the city locked down most of the outside areas are closed as well as the awareness of health caution and protection will inevitably cause all consumers to use technology. An increasing of need for the internet to access various platforms, every service place has QR code installed to track and advising their clients and visitors and likewise service recipients must register to interact follow and news in all cases.

E-commerce and delivery enlarge up during COVID19, the pandemic is really a catalyst. Merchants and shops must sell online to survive. Even the shop that has never been entering to the online market place, now are pushed to participate in the online market place for the survival to their product and services.

This phenomenon lead into big data and is even more necessary for analytic. Continuing the digital revolution most consumers adopt digital in their lives. What will happen are all Data were analyzed and critical used, these Big Data will have an advantage in adopting and marketing for selling further products. Making Big Data not just a word that is often spoken in the business world or the future world that is yet to come

This is the important opportunity for branding to market products and services online. Because there would be more new customers entering in e-commerce platform. Create more diverse purchases, the philosophy of survival is therefore always applicable to move forward for all mankind.