Traveling would help adjust balance in the body. To be close to nature, Travel!  Helps the body to be strong and strengthen healthier person. How is it? see below

University in England conducted survey and research in 2002 had reveal to those who did not go out often or not traveling anywhere, there is a chance of heart disease up to 30% more frequently than people travel and see new things

Travel benefits

  1. When knowing that one would go out, it stimulates the brain: our nerve system will start to be anticipated and plan ahead while planning and preparing the trip. Our body will produce Hormoneopamine every time these things happen Will make you experience better feeling and happiness when we have Success Stories.
  2. With this reason found that going out often and frequently would increase happiness and can help improve health system.
  3. Data research in 2013 and from the survey, it was found that the departure and leaving temporary out from routine places helps reduce stress very well.
  4. People who travel in different places or have seen so many news things environments those peoples going to new places are less likely to suffer from depression than people who like to keep themselves in same old places.
  5. For those who do not travel many years have chance more than 30% to have heart dresses. There is a risk of head disease so vary from those traveling very often, the rate of heart disease is much lower.