6. With the reason those who travel regularly and have more more travel trends to live longer because they will feel exciting and new things waiting in line all the way, especially travel would strength their life and mood.

7. Simply speaking , when the body is exciting also enjoying the time to when going out would also strengthen their both physical and mental health better than People who are only at home Or repeatedly doing same things.

8. With more powerful energy and younger, the more you use them when going out to travel. One would get more than one think.

9. The ideal place to visit for destination are so good benefits are nature as the sea and the forest and green areas.

10. Based on psychology Of color, we will see are various symbols where would makes you feel fresh and safe from the blue color sea. Made us feel relaxed and at ease

11. In area of humid, on the banks, rivers, streams, or rivers, there are Negative ions in the air. It’s stimulate our body and create saponin hormone which we feel relaxed and happy.

12. The sound of waves crashing on the beach, the sound of wind and wild sounds is natural Creative and beyond expectations a soft sound with moderate to low make us so peaceful and relax Every time he heard those sound.

13. So it’s not strange That our body demanding happiness and we would escape from the city, Escape from the Concret Forest.
Consequently one would travel into the forest, mountains and the sea to balance the body.

Therefore, traveling to new destination and places really benefits for your health. Therefore travel is good and good for health.