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We are known: You are what you eat. Fatty liver is a dangerous disease caused by wrong eating habits.

What is fatty liver?  When fat in the liver is about 5-10 percent of the weight of the liver.  Fatty liver is a condition where fat, especially Triglyceride, is deposited   in the liver cells more than 10 percent of liver weight that is considered very dangerous. Types of fatty liver are as follows:

  1. Fatty liver from drinking, drinking alcohol for a long time, cells of the liver will be harmed. In the initial phase, fat will be deposited in the liver. During this period, if the person stops drinking alcohol, the liver can return to normal after quitting drinking for 6 weeks.  The liver becomes cirrhosis, which this condition cannot return to normal.  In addition, people who drink a lot of alcohol can cause sudden fatty liver.
  2. Fatty liver of those who do not drink alcohol, this type of fatty liver is called Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which has triglyceride in the liver cells. Even the person drinking alcohol Fat cells will not cause damage in the initial stages but is very bad for health.
  1. Fatty liver and inflammation of the liver, but some patients with fatty liver causes liver cells to swell and inflammation of the liver There is a syndrome known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), eventually turning into cirrhosis. Cirrhosis found that 5-8 percent of patients with fatty liver will become hepatitis and cirrhosis. The symptoms of fatty liver disease include
    • loss of appetite
    • squeamish
    • vomit
    • yellow skin

Fatty liver is a very common thing for Thai people.  Not because of drinking a lot of alcohol. That only one of story

Because the fat deposit in the liver not just from alcohol, main factor comes from fructose and industrial sugar called high fructose corn syrup, which is present in more than 70% of the food that people eat every day, which is even heavier than drinking alcohol.

Because the fact that People who do not drink alcohol at all.  Have fatty liver. This symptom is called nonalcohol fatty liver explained in item 2, those are fatty liver Without alcohol involved,

The fatty liver is a sign of coronary artery disease and the words that exercise a lot will diminish the cause of fatty, not very true.

How many people are exercising a lot?  Exercise for ten years, the fat is still covered in the liver. The only way is to stop eating. Stop eating foods that contain high fructose and high fructose corn syrup.  Quit drinking box juice Stop by 6-8 months. During the 6-8 months, the body can get rid of the fat deposit in the liver. Any medication or supplement cannot help.

Sweets and beverages such as bread, cakes, bakery, soft drinks, milk tea, pearl tea, delicious sweet beverages, sweet water, desserts, cookies, crackers, donuts, snacks, including eating sweet fruits.  These are the root cause of fatty liver.

Stop eating sweets If you don’t want to have fatty liver, danger disease.

Cr: Dietitian

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