“Travel Bubble”? What is the meaning? Why do the countries which are smart and excellent in handling Covid19 pandemic use this word?

A simple visual translation is “traveling among ourselves in a country who is good at managing Covid19”

???? A clear example is Australia and New Zealand. The citizens of both countries can travel to each other without any quarantine upon arrival or when returning to their own country.

???? Travel Bubble happened because of the Pandemic Crisis. Many economic developers have to find a solution to ease the 14 days quarantine, so we don’t have to stick to the same frame.

In the economy, Travel Bubble can be solution for easing travel internationally. For the survival of the tourism industry. If the whole world is still suffering from Covid19, at least we are “opening up our own country and between the countries that are safe from COVID19”

Japan travel bubble with Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, and Vietnam

▪️ This Bubble also require medical documents that the result is negative and when arriving in Japan, the result is negative again at the airport before releasing into the city without quarantine 14 days

▪️ expected to begin July this year

???????? New Zealand travel bubble with ???????? Australia

▪️ This Bubble Almost looked at the same country, so there was no inspection and quarantine.

▪️ People of both countries Travel in and out freely.

▪️ Prepare for actual deploy this September

???? Countries in Scandinavia travel bubble among themselves except ???????? Sweden

▪️ This Bubble is not applying to Sweden as it is one of the few countries in the world that manages their citizens by herd immunity method, restaurant mall still open, never have lock down, despite the end result, no one knows. Sweden, today, is the country with the highest number of Covid19 infection. In Scandinavia countries.

Switzerland travel bubble with France, Germany, and Austria, but not Italy

▪️ Begin June 15

France travel bubbles with Switzerland and Germany

▪️ Begin June 15

Greece travel bubbles with 29 countries around the world (including Thailand) except English ???????? France, Spain, Italy

▪️ Begin June 15

???? Intelligence news believe that the Travel Bubble country model will be the official adopted for Thailand and deployed in July or August because it would help reducing the resistance from Thai peoples.

???? Thailand ranks among the top countries to handle COVID19 effectively – with special appreciation to those doctors and medical staffs of Thailand.

???? Positive thoughts are that there is no outbreak of Covid19 on roads, houses and public areas in Thai society.

???? At this point, many people feel that Thai people should stay within the country, with no rush to open the country and wait until the world has a vaccine first before allowing international travel to be allowed again.

???? This idea, despite being a valid concept for public health reasons, is a bitter truth for tourism, retail and food industry.

Thailand economic relies heavily on income generated from the tourism business sector.

Imagine this picture:

– If foreigners do not go dinning, restaurants will not survive, they must reduce the number of employees.  Shop selling volume does not reached the target, they will close the shop.

– When people are unemployed, spending on purchases of essential products in their daily lives will decrease, factories producing products will continue to produce fewer products. Finally, the factory will choose to reduce its workers in the banking and credit sectors, when high unemployed rate, people have no purchasing power and bad debts occurred. We do hope and have faith that travel relocation will come back soon.

Cr: Pantip and Travel Industry